5 ways engineers are shaping the future

Are you a student fresh out of school, looking for the best colleges for CSE in India or a parent selecting the top private engineering college in India for your ward? Or have you selected the institution and are wondering why engineering is an option that thousands of people take every year, aside from law and medicine?

The answer is quite simple. Engineers are not simply fixing an old problem but are architects of the country’s future. From software programs to major infrastructure projects, engineers are behind everything. The phone or laptop you’re reading this post on was made by a team of software and electrical engineers. Your favourite bridge in the city was made under the strict gaze of a civil engineer.

Almost everything in our world is made by an engineer. Therefore, your decision to enrol in an engineering course is anything but short-sighted. The future of the world lies in the hands of engineers.

If you want to be convinced further, here are five ways engineers are shaping the future:

1.Bio-medical engineering

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming over the world, biomedical engineers are the need of the hour. From designing prosthetics to the equipment needed for high-level surgeries, biomedical engineers are not only innovating in an important field but saving thousands of lives because of their inventions.

2.Eco-friendly products and services

For those engineers who envision a cleaner and greener world, utilizing untapped natural energy for sustainable products that help people without causing harm to the environment is a priority. Remarkable developments like desalination technology, which aims to turn seawater into drinkable water for underdeveloped countries that frequently undergo water crisis, can help to eradicate water poverty and thereby, reduce mortality rates of these countries.


The field of automobile engineering is constantly evolving. From petrol cars to solar-powered cars, technology has come a long way. With companies like Tesla constantly seeking to improvise on their sustainable tech, the future for automobile engineers is promising. Not only would alternative energy solutions fix the problem of depleting natural resources but contribute to a green future.

4.Housing for all

As the world population increases, existing infrastructure will not be enough to house all the people. Homelessness is a big part of the world and a future where civil engineers can create sustainable housing for those who need it most by using natural resources and waste materials littering landfills and oceans is a future that supports equal opportunities for all.

5.Energy harvesting

Energy conversion has always fascinated engineers, no matter what stream of study. Many engineers around the world have been mastering techniques to harness low-frequency vibrations and convert them into electricity. If perfected, this would put an end to batteries and effectively reduce biohazardous waste. Some of the best colleges for electrical engineering in India have syllabuses based on energy conversion and its benefits.

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