5Digital skills you must learn in colleges

In this digital era, technology has become so integrated with everyone’s life, especially with college students. If one has to be successful in their career field, they have to be digitally proficient. Some tasks like backing up your photos on cloud service and developing a blog where you can express your ideas to the world. Technology has become an integral part of everyone college life. If you are aware of digital skills, it helps you to build your career in completing your day-to-day tasks.

These days every career field requires one to possess at least the basic digital skills in computer engineering or fine arts or design courses. To build a lucrative career in future one has to learn some digital skills. According to our research, the roles required digital skills pay 29% over those roles that do not have skills. The salary differs for digital skills ranges from 14% for low-skill roles,19% for middle-skill roles and 33% for high-skill roles.

Let us know some digital skills which are to be learned by every college student,

  1. Photo editing skills:

    Every college student is showing their interest in taking good photographs and sharing the photos as a hobby in popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Only basic photo editing keeps the photo awesome. These skills should be handy because some students after completing their colleges they want to start their career in media, journalism, marketing. So, to start their work they should need some basic skills. So, learning a new skill and listing in your resume will be added advantage. The basic photo editing software is photoshop.

  2. Video editing skills:

    Just like photo editing, basic knowledge on video editing can come in handy for students. If you are from the multimedia background you will be taught in your course. But others need to learn because it acts a great communicating your idea in giving presentations in your workplace. I nothing works out, you can choose to be an amateur YouTuber or create a well-edited video resume helps you to get a job. The basic basicvideo editing software is Corel video studio.

  3. HTML basic coding:

    If you are creating a personal blog or a freelancer project, online content and websites are important in today’s time. Whenever you look for some information online, you will browse some websites to seek information. Every content is added online through coding, so having a basic knowledge of coding can take you a long run. So, you can start with standard coding language like HTML5, which is used everywhere

  4. Backing up data from Cloud services:

    Backing up data from iCloud, dropbox, google drive and other cloud service platforms make easy access from anywhere and anytime. No longer you need to carry any harddisks and they are prone to damage. Learning this tool can help you in your both personal and work life. Every details and photo can be backup through these cloud services.

  5. Building your online presence:

    Now, companies are assessing potential candidates by screening through their social media profiles and also social networking sites like LinkedIn have become the major job portals to search for new jobs. You have to brand yourself to attract clients and companies and to have a good online presence. From digital resumes to portfolio websites everything becomes a part of online branding. So, learn some skills in this to build a successful career.

When you go, hunting a job after graduation these skills are essential and also learn other skills like MS Office, converting file formats before going to a job interview. It adds a special degree to you compared to others in interviews. Are you looking for the best engineering college in Nagpur, Shri Ramdeobaba college of engineering and management has a fruitful journey of 35 years in technical education. Here digital skills are having more prominence, which helps students to build their career.