Tips to Prepare for GATE 2021

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or commonly called GATE is a competitive exam, and considered India’s biggest national level engineering entrance exam, that tests the comprehensive understanding of various subjects from the field of engineering and science for admission in a Master’s program or for Public Sector company jobs.


Before you start to prepare for GATE it is vital to understand and know the syllabus and the subjects and here are a few of the tips that will prove to be of great help.


  1. Early Start

As easy as it may sound, it is vital to start early, this will make it mentally easy for you and avoid the last moment stress. You will not only have the edge over others but will have ample time to complete the syllabus along with proper revision. 


  1. Understand the Exam Pattern 

Thoroughly understand the exam pattern, the topics which have the maximum weightage, number of questions, duration and the marking scheme. Once you have a complete understanding, prepare accordingly. 


  1. Examine 

Apart from the books, go through the GATE paper of the last couple of years to comprehend the different kinds of questions that can be asked. Identify the topics that were given the maximum weightage and indulge in revising those topics during the final hours. 


  1. Prepare a Schedule  

Understand the subjects that you are good at and your weak points, according to that, make an intensive study schedule with a timeline. Strictly follow that schedule ensuring you finish the given topics in the assigned time. Have daily and weekly targets set in advance for yourself. Don’t forget to include revision and mock test time. 


  1. Choosing the material 

Choosing the right study material can prove to be challenging. Along with the syllabus books, having reference books along with those extra books can prove to be very beneficial, and widen the knowledge spectrum. Candidates can also refer to various materials that are available online and can check what the previous year’s toppers have used for their study. 


  1. Revise 

Revision is compulsory and there should be no doubts about that. It will refresh all the topics in your mind and make you more confident. Having special time allotted for revision in your schedule will be extremely helpful. 


  1. Time management 

Manage your time effectively. Those 3 hours during the examination can be very dreadful if not managed well. Keep calm and don't dwell on questions that you are unable to answer. 


  1. Healthy approach 

Apart from the daily study routine, it is vital to have proper healthy meals and exercise to keep your mind and body healthy and fit. Being sick will make it more difficult to concentrate. It is proven that a healthy body and mind can perform much better.


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