Best 5 career paths for an Electrical Engineer

Best 5 career paths for an Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is a popular engineering course in India. More than three hundred thousand students apply to study in one of the hundreds of electrical engineering colleges around the country. But these students feel at wits’ end after the completion of their education even from the best college for electrical engineering in India. Many electrical engineering students are unsure of what career paths they want to take. To clear up any confusion, here is a list of the top five career paths available to electrical engineering students.

1. RF Design Engineer

RF (radiofrequency) systems have become popular as we are transforming various wired electronic devices into wireless devices. You as an electrical engineer can be an RF design engineer and work on their projects to fulfil operational needs for RF systems. With experience in this area, you may even be able to lead a team to develop RF systems. Electrical engineers play a role in contributing towards the advancement of RF engineering. For you to stand out as an RF design engineer, you need to possess good communication skills and should be able to work in teams. Excellent problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills can take you to the peaks of this career

2. Electrical Controls Designer

As an electrical control designer, you may have to work for lift stations, water pressure booster systems, pump system control, motor control centres, and any other areas as per project requirements. Knowledge about three-phase power and distribution is a necessity for this career path. Communication skills are very important for an electrical controls designer to understand customer expectations and to obtain relevant information.

3. Telemetry Signals Analyst

This career path needs you to have knowledge beyond and above your electrical engineering degree. This knowledge could be attained on the job. As an electrical engineer, you can work on designing and testing weapon systems. To excel in this career path, you need to have good communication, analytical and interpersonal skills to work and collaborate with your team.

4. Project Engineer—Construction

In this career path, you may need to assist the project manager with various activities like planning, executing, monitoring and controlling the project activities besides maintaining project documents and files, getting required permission, etc. For this career, you need to have a good grasp of project management and organizational skill is a must.

5. Energy Engineer

With climate change and other environmental issues, there is a spur in the demand for energy engineers in the market. This career path needs you to handle energy conservation projects. As an energy engineer, end-to-end responsibilities like procurement, development and implementation of the project need to be administered by you. Moreover, you also need to analyse and audit any energy/mechanical system. The most important skills that can help any energy engineer in playing their A-game are leadership and communication skills.

Final Words

Now you have the best 5 career paths from which you can choose as an electrical engineer. Electrical engineering offers you a spectrum of avenues where you can grow your career as per your interests and talents. Being said that, a strong knowledge foundation is an ingredient for successful career growth. For that, education in one of the best college for electrical engineering in India is a must. RCOEM is considered one of the best electrical engineering colleges in India for pursuing an electrical engineering degree. Pave a successful career path with the right degree from the right college.