Engineering Skills and Jobs that will be in demand in 2022

Engineering is one of the most renowned and well-paid professions worldwide since it is critical to a country's growth and development. Tech boom and technological advancements have opened new employment avenues for engineers. While engineering jobs are growing leaps and bounds currently, new engineers find it difficult to understand which jobs will be in demand in the future. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the skills and jobs that will be in demand in the coming years.

1.Data Scientist: This is one of the most in-demand skills that every organization needs. A data scientist needs to analyze and interpret complex data to get meaningful results and patterns that can help in the growth of the organization.

2.Software engineer: This is a field with numerous jobs for engineers. It is an evolving field with new methodologies and developments. Engineer is required to customize the software as per the customer’s requirement in the provided budget & time while maintaining the overall quality. Check out the CS and IT courses at RCOEM, the best engineering college in Nagpur.

3.Automation and robotics engineer: With the constant advancement in the robotics field, robots are now involved in complex tasks that need precision without any scope for human error. Automation engineer is a good way to start a career in the automated world. Robotic engineers are generally from mechanical or electrical background.

4.Civil engineer: Civil engineers are the ones who design and build the infrastructure and hence it is always a good option. There is no future saturation in this field.

5.Cloud engineers: With the cloud computing hitting the sky, cloud engineering is a good career option. Cloud engineers maintain cloud-based processes and systems for an organization. Big companies like Microsoft, google and amazon are on constant hunt for skilled cloud engineers.

6.Mechanical and electrical engineers: There is never a dearth of jobs for mechanical and electrical engineers. Mechanical engineer makes machines and other tools and is closely associated with the research, development, and manufacturing of the machines. Electrical engineer designs, develops, and tests electrical devices like motors, generators, communication systems, etc. RCOEM is considered as one of the best electrical engineering colleges in India.