What to Expect in Your Technical Interview

After applying for a job and before going to the HR round, engineering graduates must generally face a technical interview, especially in off-campus ones.

A technical interview is more like a practical exam and the candidate must show that he has the skills needed for the job rather than just telling that verbally.

By holding the technical interview, the organization is examining if you have:
- Good technical knowledge specific to the work
- A desire to learn more about the industry and the technology used
- Good critical thinking skills
- The ability to work under pressure
- Analytical and reasoning skills

Stages of Technical Interview

Taking the example of a Computer Science graduate who is interested in coding, a technical interview will have three stages:

The first stage is an audio or video call round. The company like your profile and wants to talk to you to know how can help them. This will be a short technical screening and will assess if you are qualified enough for further stages.

In the second stage, the company will either hold an online coding interview or give you an assignment to work on. Most organizations give coding assignments that can be completed in a couple of hours.

The third and final stage involves an interview at the office and a whiteboard challenge. Here, the interviewer gives you a real-world coding problem that you must complete in front of them, on a whiteboard. If the company is running remotely, this interview will be online too.

How to Dress for the Tech Interview

This is the most common question asked irrespective of the interview type. While most of the tech companies in India have a relaxed workplace, dressing smartly is the key. The most preferred practice is to dress at least one level above the company’s policy i.e., if the company allows t-shirts and jeans, you must dress in a business casual.

To know about the company’s policy, you can either see their Facebook or Instagram handles or directly ask the HR guy about it.

Questions You May Face

There are a wide range of questions that may be asked during the interview. Here are the four question types that are mostly asked in technical interviews:


Behavioral questions are about how you have tackled a specific situation during your coding project. The most common questions asked are:
- Tell me about anytime you have handled a challenging situation during the project?
- Give an example of when you made a mistake in the project and how you corrected it.


These questions are about supposed/hypothetical situations that may happen at the workplace in the future. For example:
- What will you do if you are unsure about the goal of the given task?
- What will you do if your teammates did not complete their part of the task?
- What if your teammate asked you to review their work and it is full of bugs?


There will also be questions about your study, like where you went to college, what made you choose Computer Science and how you have fared in the college.


Technical type of questions examines your real abilities and your knowledge and are the core of the technical interview. They can be tech problem-solving questions like ‘How do you ensure that your code is both quick and safe?’ or questions about the code you have written on the whiteboard.

By taking the right approach and knowing enough about your subject, passing a technical interview will not be a huge challenge. You only have to be confident and keep looking for openings at your favorite organizations. Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, one of the best engineering colleges in Nagpur gives it students the right assistance in facing any interview, whether on or off-campus.