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Mechanical Engineering at RCOEM

If you enjoy mathematics and physics, you can study mechanical engineering to hone your skills in the design, research, and manufacturing of equipment, aircraft, and other vehicles. As a mechanical engineer, your transferable and inventive skills will be highly valued.

Fact time: According to official data by the AICTE, there are well over 23 .6 lakh engineering seats available across India.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular engineering programs in India. It is a discipline that includes key elements of various other engineering subjects and applies engineering principles for the design, analysis, production, operation, and maintenance of equipment and vehicles.

Simply put, mechanical engineering is concerned with understanding how things work, from the smallest microparticle to the largest spacecraft, and even the human body, which is one of our most complex machines.

Pursuing a mechanical engineering program at one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Nagpur, like RCOEM, paves the way for a highly lucrative career that benefits both you and society.

Apart from the enhanced job prospects, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider pursuing mechanical engineering:

Diverse Career Choices

By pursuing your mechanical engineering at RCOEM, you can specialize in a niche within mechanical engineering by choosing from a wide range of sub-disciplines such as marine engineering, aerospace engineering, automobile engineering, and many others. With such a wide range of choices, you will surely find a career that suits your needs.

Exposure to Global Opportunities

A mechanical engineer is in demand everywhere, including in the United States, Africa, and Europe. Mechanical engineering projects can be located worldwide, and you may have to meet customers and conduct investigative work to provide a solution.

Also, one of the top engineering colleges in Nagpur, RCOEM provides global exposure to students through student exchange programs in collaboration with foreign universities and colleges.

Enjoy your passion

If mathematics, physics and making complex computations are what you are interested in, you will definitely be interested in pursuing mechanical engineering at RCOEM.

Through this, you learn how to design & simulate 3d models, immerse yourself in various research activities, develop critical thinking skills, explore the intricacies of physics and fulfil your passion to solve problems.

Contribute to the Society

Hard work, dedication, and a mechanical engineering degree from RCOEM can enable you to make an impact in the world. You may now go on to invent the next generation of smart gadgets, devise solutions for challenges in healthcare & climate change or bring about positive changes in the lives of the ageing population.

RCOEM is the best engineering college in Nagpur and provides a wide range of specializations for mechanical engineering programs. RCOEM has a high placement record of over 80%, with students being placed at some of the most reputed national and multinational companies.

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