5 Skills/Upskill Course Every Engineering Student Should Learn

5 Skills/Upskill Course Every Engineering Student Should Learn

Times have changed and Today, your skills matter a lot more than your degree. To bag a lucrative package, you should have in-demand expertise and skills on your resume. Because of the rising competition, you'll have to have something that makes you stand out from your peers.

In this blog, we'll show you how you can upskill along with your 4-year degree at one of the best engineering colleges in Nagpur. You need a trajectory to follow if you seek a secure corporate future.

What is Engineering?

In simple words, engineering is the study of giving shape to ideas. Often, architects and scientists get the credit for the picture, but engineers convert thoughts into reality through applying science and mathematics. Everything around us is a creation of engineers, from the house you live into the gadget you are using to read this blog. Everything is possible because of their creativity. There are four types of engineers:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineers

Why is Upskilling Essential?

The world is dynamic. Every sector is changing rapidly and to match the pace of the world, you'll have to adapt yourself to the changes as well. By upskilling, you can add in-demand skills to your resume that can help you land a whopping annual package.

It might seem difficult, but it is not if you follow the plan, you can get enrolled in the following courses and learn them along with your college studies.

Five Ways You Can Upskill Your Career as an Engineer


If you are a computer engineer, having impeccable knowledge of coding language is a must. You can't go easy on programming, as it is one of the most in-demand skills. You can give your career a head start by learning concepts such as C, Data Structures, Python/Java, and grab a lucrative package in your dream IT company. Udemy, UpGrad, and YouTube can be your learning sources.

Data Science

If you ace this skill, then you can build a strong career. Data is the most important thing at the moment, and thus the ones who know how to pull and use data smartly is on demand. As they help improve the performance of the company. The average salary of a Data scientist in India is 11L.

Web Development

Website development is one of the hottest industries at the moment, with the surge in online business presence, everyone is trying to have their own website. The demand is high, and you can master web development in a few weeks, not only you'll have the opportunity to work in India but you can have International clients as well. There are plenty of free courses on available online which you can take up.

Entrepreneurship Course

Have you ever felt that entrepreneurship is your passion but you just don't know how and where to begin? Learning some basic concepts such as co-founding a team, investments, and other such aspects of business that can help you in giving shape to your ideas. One of the most popular courses in India is Warikoo's start-up, and there are plenty more on the internet.

Android Development

You know how all startups get famous these days, by having an app. All businesses require an app in order to expand their business and cater to the needs of their customers.

You can learn Android development through YouTube, as there are plenty of free courses available there. However, having a certificate in this is very beneficial.

Final Words

There is so much more that you can get from a college than just your degree. A college transforms students and prepares them for the world. In college, you can try on different things whether it is your start-up plan or your passion, you can try as many things as you want.

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