5 pro tips to crack your campus placements

Getting a job offer in a campus placement drive is a dream of every student. But getting selected is very challenging as there are many students like you in the campus drive with the same goal.

To prepare for a campus recruitment interview, it is important to know what the organization is looking for in a new employee on campus. Once you know what they are looking for, it is easy to prepare for your on-campus interview.

Here are some pro-tips which will help you crack your campus placements.


Start preparing by researching the companies that will visit your campus for placements. You can use the Internet for your main research on the company. Connect with seniors, and friends who may or will work for the company you are interviewing for.

This research will help you in knowing which companies to apply for and which role suits you better.

Understand the company

Once you apply for the selected company. Find out about the company before appearing for the interview. Know everything about the company and understand the job description given by the company.

Understanding the job description will help you in answering the questions asked during the interview. It will also give the interviewer the impression that you are prepared and aware of the job role you are applying for.

Create the best impression

The resume is the first and best impression of you in an interview. It is important to have the right type of resume in a campus placement interview, as a recruiter has to go through many similar resumes.

Grasp the attention of the recruiter by creating the best impression using your resume which should be simple, direct, and appealing.

Prepare for aptitude test

Most of the companies coming to colleges for placements prefer aptitude tests for shortlisting candidates for interviews. Prepare for the aptitude tests by practices the sample papers available online for many companies.

You could only move forward if you can clear the aptitude, practice thoroughly the sample papers before attempting the test.

Practice for group discussions and be prepared

You will go through many rounds or different rounds set by different companies before you could reach the final interview with the company management. Practice for group discussions with your friends and work on your vocabulary before the actual round.

This practice will help you in giving your best and reduces nervousness during the discussion. Also, prepare for the interview questions which are frequently asked by the recruiter.

Pro-tip: Be confident and do not get demotivated if you aren’t selected. Practice again and you can make it the next time.

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