Industry-Oriented Education: How the Best Engineering College in Nagpur Prepare Students for the Future

Industry-Oriented Education: How the Best Engineering College in Nagpur Prepare Students for the Future

India intends to be a global superpower in terms of manufacturing and other engineering disciplines in the coming years. To achieve the same, it is making a significant push to transform the Indian education system making sure it leans towards industry-oriented studies. Even Indian PM Narendra Modi pressed on the need for practical and industry-focused courses. To ensure that students utilize this opportunity to its full potential, RCOEM (Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management), a premier engineering college in Nagpur, is prepping its students for the future.

In this blog post, we will briefly discuss what industry-oriented education entails and how engineering colleges in Nagpur are aligning their curriculum with it.

Overview of Industry-Oriented Education

Industry-oriented education is a practice that involves practical industry-related educational content in the curriculum so that students have both academic and practical skills. Most engineering colleges focus just on the academic part, which forces students to acquire industrial know-how while on the job. However, with an industry-centred curriculum, students will have a competitive edge as they step into the world as a job-ready resource.

To ensure the industry focus, you need to add multiple extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Inviting industry leaders to keep students up-to-date with the latest trends & innovations
  • Conducting workshops for students to have all-around subject knowledge
  • Facilitate apprenticeships or internships so that students have real-life industrial experience
  • Conduct mock projects to enable innovative and problem-solving attitudes towards their vocation.

If you’re not sure about how to get started with industry-oriented education, we can help. You can enroll in an industry course offered by engineering colleges in Nagpur like RCOEM. Interestingly, there is quite a debate on private engineering institutes’ capability to offer the right curriculum. To answer them, we have compiled some benefits of attending RCOEM.

Benefits of Attending Private Engineering College in Nagpur

Infrastructure that advances innovation

RCOEM is one of the few engineering colleges in Nagpur that is fully equipped with facilities like high-tech labs, specialized workshops, seminar halls, and canteens.

Industry associations

To ensure students have both theoretical and practical knowledge, we associate and work closely with industry organizations. Through these partnerships, we conduct workshops, and industrial tours, and offer internships.

Industry-oriented curriculum

RCOEM is the only engineering college in Nagpur that offers an extensive and expertly designed industry-integrated curriculum for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our faculty and industry experts collaborate on designing the curriculum that collates both current trends and future innovations in the engineering industry.

Industry connect programs

As a private engineering college in Nagpur, we have a limited student intake, which helps us in designing a personalized learning experience. As a part of this, we include several activities in our curriculum. We invite industry leaders to share their insights into the future of engineering and organize several field trips and inter-college workshops.

Apprenticeships support

Through our industry tie-ups, we ensure that our students get promising internship opportunities that further their industry training. Our apprenticeship program is designed to give every student hands-on experience in their chosen vocation.

Placement guidance

One unique benefit that students of our engineering college in Nagpur get is personalized career mentorship, placement training, and special sessions on how to crack interviews. RCOEM maintains great recruitment partnerships with some of the top organizations in India.

Final Word

In today’s competitive world, industry-oriented education is essential to produce employable engineering students. The dynamic technical landscape makes it critical for the education curriculum to be in line with future expectations.

Studying at RCOEM has the advantages that very few private engineering colleges in Nagpur have to offer. We design course modules that are industry-relevant. The exposure, guidance, and academic facilities that we offer will ensure that you have all the necessary skills - if not more - to get a headstart in whichever engineering discipline you choose.