Is Engineering a right career option in India in 2021

In India, choosing the right college degree stream for a student is extremely important and involves the entire family. It is the graduation degree that gives direction to your career. With, India being a fast-growing economy and an epicentre for multiple new industries, it can get difficult for students to make the right choice. 

Engineering is a rewarding career, as well as a safer career option in India. Engineering graduates have the highest starting salary when compared with most of the disciplines. In India, people find Indian Railways, India Post, Indian Army, and SBI have significant employers, but these organisations require a substantial number of engineers. It was recorded that the leading companies and software giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, IBM etc have at least 92% of employees with engineering as their graduation degree.

During the time of the pandemic, we also noticed that having “Engineering” as a degree proved to be extremely useful in terms of providing jobs even during the time of pandemic and recession. There are various streams in engineering, and students can choose it based on their liking and decision. The field of engineering is constantly growing, while mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical engineering are streams that have been popular in past fields such as electronics and communication, computer science, aeronautical and biochemical engineering have also gained popularity in recent times. 

Be it in India or abroad, there is a very high demand for Indian engineers. It was recorded that 50% of recipients of H1Bs visas are solely by Indians. 90% of Indian talent sent abroad to other developed countries like France, UK, Germany; are engineers. And with the growing advancement in technology, India is proudly and actively getting involved in the development of such new technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and much more, with such large requirements in these research options; many large multinational companies are willing to invest in India and get the talent base. This will create more job opportunities for engineering in different fields. Not only this, even the traditional organisations that manufacture gas, petroleum, oil etc. are expanding and investing in R&D, they too require engineers from the field of mechanical, civil, chemical and electrical fields. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); Engineering opportunities across the board are expected to grow 7% worldwide by 2026. RCOEM is the best engineering college in Nagpur and provides the students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It comes under the top private engineering colleges India. 

Irrespective of the market trends, engineering is one such field that will always remain in demand, especially, civil, computer, mechanical and electrical. RCOEM is the best college for Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering in India. India being an open economy with many MNCs opening their offices offers plenty of growth opportunities. To the sum of, choosing the right college for engineering plays an equally important role, RCOEM has proven to be the best college when it comes to choosing engineering as your field.