Reasons why engineers need to develop project management skills

Every year India produces over 1.5 million engineers, but only 3% of them are getting jobs in the engineering sector. But why does this happens? The demand and supply ratio can be a factor. More students are pursuing engineering than needed, this may the one reason for less number of jobs in this field. These days, by just holding a degree can help you become an engineer. One should develop soft skills that will become the support for your engineering skills.

Engineering has a set of skills that includes foremost is knowing engineering concepts, project management, client management, and many more. For example, if a government announces a project with a deadline, then an engineer undoubtedly can do this project as he knows engineering concepts and also there are an estimated budget and a deadline, so this can be perfectly overcome by having project management skills to be completed on time. According to research from Wrike, 87% of high-performing companies use project management software and only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management. (PMI)

Let us know some reasons why project management skills are important to engineers,

  1. Increased benefits for your organization and clients:

    The project stakeholders and the clients want their projects to be completed on time and within the given budget. According to PMI’s report in 2018, 47% were over the budget and 51% were late. This shows the ultimate loss of money for the client and your organization. The reason is they don’t have enough project management skills to develop in their projects. Project management study ensures you that project execution is completed on time and within the budget. By having these skills many customers consider savings as an additional benefit in building the client’s trust in them.

  2. Efficiency in delivering projects:

    The main benefit is increased efficiency and easy in following a project through a particular roadmap. If you can understand the details of the project in all stages i.e., project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring and controlling and project closure. If you understand the project roadmap totally, thus ensures that your project is delivered in time. By understanding the whole process, you will come to know 90% of the job to be performed tomorrow making the goals clear.

  3. Environment to replicate success:

    Templates, checklists and standard operating procedures are the things helpsto make your projects easy and helps to boost your speed and efficiency in completing the project. If you can replicate the processes that you follow, there are higher chances that you can use these processes for other projects step by step along with the success that you achieved while following these steps. You can a game changer if you use 50% of this process, thus you can save time on the project.

Finally, project management is an essential skill that engineers should learn to boost their engineering career. You can get some basic knowledge with the help of a project management software and will be more enough for you to manage your project efficiently. Are you looking for the Top Engineering College in Maharastra, Shri Ramdeobaba college of engineering and management in Nagpur has a fruitful journey of 35 years in technical education. Every student has to do a project before completion of their degree. Here faculty helps them how to manage their project within their deadline by giving some guidelines. Here the faculty provides theoretical and practical knowledge that helps you to build your career.