The Best Online Resources to Help You Crack Computer Science Exams and Interviews in 2024

The Best Online Resources to Help You Crack Computer Science Exams and Interviews in 2024

With the emergence of new technologies and hardware capabilities, computer science has transformed into a new source of power that can revolutionize how everything around us works. For students aspiring to become computer engineers, they must look beyond basic programming languages. With the emergence of Generative AI, Large Language Models, and Cognitive technology, organizations are looking to change the way they approach software technology. Nvidia, for example, has reached the valuation of over a trillion dollars for having produced hardware that powers ChatGPT and similar AI-led innovations. In such a technological scenario, students are keen on joining computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur to be a part of the evolutionary change.

However, it is difficult for beginners to keep track of all the developments, students must be aware of industry trends and happenings to keep up with the development pace. Joining the best computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur like RCOEM is just one of the steps in achieving excellence. You need to keep upskilling, and to help you with that we have compiled a list of resources that will help you crack computer science exams and interviews in the upcoming year of 2024.

Top computer science resources to follow

Computer Science Curriculum in 1000 YouTube Videos

This features a compilation of 1000 videos that are typically tutorials for the entire Computer Science curriculum. It covers all the necessary skills that you will learn from computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur across AI, ML NLP, etc.,

Functional CS

It is an educational portal that gives you a chapter-wise curriculum of modern computer science topics to help you with self-learning.


It is an aggregator website that compiles the best courses from across the internet to help you with various technological topics. For computer science, you can check out Online Learning: A Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum. It comprises sessions from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.

Teach Yourself CS

It is yet another self-learning portal that breaks down the entire subject of computer sciences into 9 sections Programming, Computer Architecture, Databases, and Distributed Systems. It will complement well with your syllabus in any of the best computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur.

Open Learning Initiative by Carnegie Mellon University

For independent learners, the prestigious institute of Carnegie Mellon University has launched an Open Learning Initiative that covers all the aspects of computer science and programming including Java, Python, and Logic.

Khan Academy Algorithms

If you are keen to learn algorithms specifically, then this computer science course is highly recommended. It covers all the topics within algorithms like recursion, sorting, and searching. Similar to any of the computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur, it will assess your knowledge after every chapter.


It is a non-profit competitive programming portal that will help you prepare for any type of competitive exam.


It is a very interesting platform to help your knowledge of programming. Its fundamental concept is the gamification of competitive exams to make learning fun. It will give you tutorials along with practice problems.

30 Seconds of Interviews

A one-of-its-kind platform, this website allows you to take 30-second tests to quickly test your programming abilities that you learn from computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur.


It is a training and testing platform that helps computer science engineers learn, improve, and test their programming knowledge. It will also facilitate recruitment opportunities through its collaboration with tech organizations.


It is one of the premier websites to pick up programming skills, test your knowledge, and prepare for interviews.

Join the new league of engineers with RCOEM

Although computer science as a subject has been evolving over the decades, the transformation that we have witnessed in the last few years has been unprecedented. Computer science engineering colleges in Nagpur have been embracing this change by updating their curriculum. RCOEM has revised its course to include topics like AI, ML, and deep learning. Regardless of how good your engineering college and lecturers are, the onus is on you to keep up with the competition by constantly preparing for exams and interviews to enhance your skills.