The Role Of Electrical Engineers In Space Exploration And Satellite Technology

The Role Of Electrical Engineers In Space Exploration And Satellite Technology

Electrical engineering is fast becoming a popular choice for students in the engineering streams. This popularity is primarily due to the number of job opportunities that graduates have once they complete their course.

Although electrical engineering was always considered an ‘ever-green’ engineering stream, it is now becoming the preferred choice for aspirants. So much so that all the best electrical engineering colleges in India are filling up their seats way before the deadline.

Companies are leaning towards electrical engineers due to their expert-level knowledge of mathematics and technical skills. Students graduating from the best electrical engineering colleges in India acquire core skills and hands-on industry experience even before they complete their education.
In addition to the existing job opportunities, electrical engineers of this generation have a new exciting career option - space exploration and satellite technology.
In this blog post, we learn in detail how electrical engineers contribute to space research and development, highlighting key technologies that they need to focus on.

Electrical Engineers for Space Exploration and Satellite Technology

The recent successful launch of Chandrayaan 3 by the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has reignited interest in the national space program. India has been scaling up its efforts as a part of its plan to achieve great feats like exploring the dark side of the moon. To power its big goals, it will need electrical engineers. So, if you used to be an aspiring rocket scientist, you can still achieve that dream by taking up electrical engineering from one of the best electrical engineering colleges in India.

Below we have listed some of the critical applications of electrical engineering in space exploration and satellite technology.

Radio Frequency System

It is required to build a robust radio navigation system using engineering equipment, receivers, signal processors, and navigation algorithms for space and ground segmentation.

Telecommunications and Navigation

Electrical engineers contribute to building a space-based infrastructure including navigation and communication systems to manage spacecraft payloads and send out mission objectives effectively.

Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TT&C)

TT&C is a downlinked platform that helps space organizations monitor and track the status, location, and health of satellites. It is also used to send commands to satellites through uplinking.

Power Systems

A satellite is a machine, and hence it requires a source of power to continue to function. To ensure the proper performance of a satellite, electrical engineers need to design an onboard battery before it is launched from the Earth. This battery must be powerful enough to keep it running for years on end.

Space exploration in India and abroad

ISRO has been a great success story in the global space research domain. It achieved some unimaginable feats like successfully sending a Mars Orbiter mission in its first attempt. It shows no signs of slowing down and for the right reasons.
Space is said to be the new frontier for world powers. Every superpower has space ambitions and is seeking diversified minds to facilitate its space program. Since mathematics and technological concepts are universal, if you gain significant expertise in electrical engineering concepts, you will have an opportunity to work not just for ISRO, but also global institutions like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Aim for the skies with electrical engineering

After completing an electrical engineering course at any of the best electrical engineering colleges in India, students can leverage the growing focus on space exploration in the country. If you aspire to be a space scientist, all you need to do is make yourself an expert in any or all of the technical areas while getting yourself a degree from some of the best electrical engineering colleges in India like RCOEM.