Tips in selecting the right engineering branch

Choosing a career is the most important decision to be taken by an individual, as it decides the future. Generally, students who are interested in maths and science will prefer to do engineering. Every year in India, around 15 lakhs students are coming out as an engineering graduate due to the increased number of engineering colleges. So, due to the increased number of colleges and seats in every branch, there is a craze on engineering among students and their parents.

With a wide range of branches, students get confused in selecting a suitable branch for their career which drives their life. Well, today there are different engineering branches but earlier, there are only core branches like electrical, mechanical, civil engineering branches. Now, the branches are increased rapidly like computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, etc. Now, many students are getting aware of these engineering branches and selecting a suitable one

Here are some tips to wisely select the right engineering branch,

  1. The big dilemma: Branch or College:

    To build your career effectively, you should take both branches and colleges into consideration. In a situation one has to make a choice, I suggest students scale the options having with them and also research the credentials of an institute. Enquire properly and read the college website and its accreditation. Review the past performance of the college in terms of placements, infrastructure, etc. Even if the institute which comes your way might not be as rated as top-notch institutions. Simply I suggest you, keep more number of branch options to choose.

  2. Stick to your interest:

    These days students get compelled either by parents or by peers in selecting a particular engineering branch. The future scope would be worthwhile only when a student selects his desired tendency to work in a particular field, so these type of students should take into cognizance. Every branch brings a decent set of opportunities. However, if you select your branch irrespective of your interest but only on previous job prospects, it might not lead you anywhere.

  3. Look beyond four years:

    Completion of engineering is the end of the journey for many students, as some of them will go to further studies like M Tech, MS in engineering. It would be wise to plan for the future and measure the options to learn in doing higher education, taking coaching after B Tech in the city where the college is located. Every branch of engineering has a specific job role. So, the first thing to do before joining the college, interact with engineering professionals and try to know the scope of every branch and possibilities of job opportunities after BTech. By this one can get a clear idea and enable them to take the right decision.

All engineering branches have the potential to deliver a great future to a student. More than selecting the college, selecting the branch is more important to build your career. A student with good knowledge can survive, but not with opting the good college. Understand and analyse your interest, skills, aptitude to know which branch suits you the most. Are you looking for the best engineering college in Nagpur, Shri Ramdeobaba college of engineering and management has a fruitful journey of 35 years in technical education. Here the faculty provides theoretical and practical knowledge to build your career.