Top 5 Side Hustles you can earn from while you're at College

College isn’t cheap, but sometimes working a traditional job doesn’t fit into a busy student’s schedule. Side hustles – short-term work you can do in your spare time – are perfect for college students. Learn how you can leverage side hustles to put a little extra cash in your pocket and ease the burden of being a starving college student.

5 Best Online Side Hustles

The online gig economy, through the Internet and mobile apps, offers opportunities for you to shore up your bank account. Instead of being a starving college student eating Top Ramen every night, take advantage of these flexible side hustles to put a real plate of dinner on the table.

Sell your stuff

Whether you have a vintage record collection or way too many Nikes, you can sell some of your stuff on sales and auction sites (Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, eBay) or through smaller, niche providers.

Take online surveys

Companies love market data. After registering with a survey provider, you build a profile that’s matched to consumer surveys. By completing surveys, you earn points that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or an online gift card. Popular online survey companies include Survey Junkie, MintVine, Toluna, and Nielsen Digital Voice.

Do data entry work

It may not be glamorous, but data entry is an in-demand option for students looking to earn cash from their dorm room. You can register for free with companies such as The Smart Crowd, Clickworker, or DionData Solutions and sign-up for various tasks. Examples include data categorization, updating consumer information, and proofreading.

Become a web searcher

Web searching options vary, from becoming a social media evaluator with Appen to a search engine evaluator with Leapforce. These types of roles generally require you to monitor companies’ social media accounts and provide feedback on search engine results.

Get paid to go shopping

If you prefer virtual stores to the mall, then online shopping with Bing Rewards, Swagbucks, and could be right for you. Registering is free and tasks can include comparison shopping or providing consumer feedback. As you participate, you earn cash rewards that can be redeemed via PayPal.

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