Top 5 traits of a Data Scientist

Many studies have claimed that 2.5 million terabytes of data are being generated every single day from 6 billion devices, and less than 0.5% of all that data is ever analyzed and used

The advent of big data has led to the emergence of Data Science in which programming and statistical knowledge are used to start a career as a Data Scientist.

So many prestigious universities around the world have begun establishing a hub for teaching Data Science to fill in the ever-increasing need for Data Scientists in multiple fields.

Glassdoor said that Data Scientist is the number one job on its website.

If you are yet to be convinced, then know that a Data Scientist earns more than the average IT employee. How about that?

Do you think you have it in you to make it in Data Science?

Here are five traits that tell you if you are a Data Scientist.

Computational thinking/Quantitative reasoning

If playing around with gigabytes of data is your thing, then a Data Scientist is the right job for you. A good data scientist can model any data he or she is given with algorithms to make statistically-informed predictions and recommendations which are better than blind hunches.

Think about it. Will you trust advice on the stock market from a friend who can understand data or from a friend who trusts luck.

RCOEM, the top private engineering college in India, understands the importance of academic discipline needed to learn Data Science. We are coming up with 4 new specialization courses in CSE: Data Science, AI, and ML, Biomedical, and Cyber Security.

Here, students will be taught to write code and work with teams to produce tools, pipelines, packages, modules, features, dashboards, websites, and more.


Have you ever wondered how many times the word ‘the’ is mentioned in the entire Wikipedia? These are the kind of questions that an aspiring Data Scientist thinks of while exploring the world of data.

You should also have this unquenchable enthusiasm to acquire new knowledge and skills, which is primary for your role in Data Science that is constantly evolving.

Having open-mindedness is also important as it will keep us aware of our cognitive biases in solving problems. Hence, it goes without saying that a Data Scientist is also highly creative, and at RCOEM, a top private engineering college in India, nurtures that ability.

Business acumen

Depending on the industry that you want to get into, a Data Scientist needs to understand the business's needs and focus on building analytical models that will develop the business

The attraction of high pay in this field is also good enough to make anyone sit up and know more about Data Science. RCOEM focuses on building this business acumen among the students.

Team Player

Does the idea of healthy competition drive you forward in your career? Why not try being a Data Scientist?

Communication is an integral part of being a data scientist. Not only are they asked to work with multiple groups on the same project but also are required to simplify a problem and its solution to its skeleton to increase coherence.

Critical Reasoning

Few have that itch to sit patiently and find answers to solutions. But that’s what being a programmer is all about. This means being a perfectionist is one of the personality traits. People might hate you for it but you can consider it jealousy towards your passion and grit.

A good Data Scientist will often objectively analyze data to prove or disprove a hypothesis that can help solving real-world problems. Therefore, critical reasoning empowers a Data Scientist to cultivate clear and rational thinking about the path ahead.

All these skills and more are taught at RCOEM, one of the top private engineering college in Maharashtra. We provide a homogenous set of technical skills to develop these traits in your journey towards becoming a great Data Scientist.