Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

The unprecedented rise in innovation or technological development across different domains has led the industry to focus on hiring much-needed skilled and industry-ready professionals. The increasing diversity and specializations coming up in the professional sector have further shifted its reliance upon the academic course curriculum. An engineering degree with specialization magnifies your chance to be recruited for a higher-skilled job, however, there are a number of programming languages that you need to master for higher pay with the employer prioritizing your recruitment and secure professional future.


The top 5 Programming Languages you should focus on learning in 2021 are as follows:


1. Javascript: Usually considered as the standard programming language of the web, JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages. JavaScript, used in almost every website on the internet, has been persistently ranked among the top programming languages and is being used by the world’s renowned tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. The language is available for both, Front End Development and Back End Development. Also, despite being primarily known for adding responsive elements on web pages, JavaScript inculcates a wide range of applications such as in mobile application development, game development, web development, etc. Additionally, the language also offers a way that allows users to make their websites more dynamic by adding functionalities to the elements present in the site.


Apart from JavaScript’s high demand in the industry, having professional qualifications in the language also earns one a lucrative salary package in the IT industry. Major MNCs such as Google, Dell, Facebook, etc. are actively recruiting for the same. Therefore, JavaScript can be considered as one of the top programming languages for 2021.


2. Java: Highly recognized for its portability and scalability across multiple platforms from mainframe data centers to smartphones, Java is one of the oldest and in-demand computer programming languages being used in the present-day world. Having been in popular demand, Java is extensively used in Android development along with Desktop Applications, Scientific Applications, Web Applications, etc. Apart from it, top-notch companies like Adobe, Amazon, Flipkart, etc use JAVA, promising magnified career opportunities to Java developers.


Ideal for distributed computing, Java’s demand in the tech-world, huge community support, popular frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Strut, and several enriching features like multithreading, automatic memory allocation & garbage collection, platform independency, etc. ascertains that JAVA would provide you numerous professional opportunities in the upcoming years.


3. Python: A fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language that is being widely used to develop scalable web applications, Python is one of the fastest-growing general-purpose, high-level programming languages with an emphasis on code readability. Python programming can help you perform almost anything. Even the new specializations and upcoming technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Networking, Machine Learning, rely on Python Programming.


The rapid advancement in Information Technology has amplified the demand for python developers and programmers. An average salary of a python developer, in popular frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, in the USA is around $120,000 while in India it is around ₹1.2 Million.           


4. Kotlin: After Google declared Kotlin as the most preferred language for Android Application development, the developers have immensely shown their inclination towards the language. A statically typed general-purpose programming language, Kotlin does not only support object-oriented but also functional programming features. The language is relatively easier to learn, interoperable with Java, and can also be used for web development, desktop application development, etc.


Ranked #4 among the most loved programming languages by the Stack Overflow survey, Kotlin has a boundless scope with android phones and processors occupying a major chunk of the market. Therefore, it is pertinent that Kotlin is amongst the top programming languages to learn this year.


5. Go: Designed at Google, the Golang or Go Programming Language offers cross-platform support that makes it convenient and efficient to use. Even though the language isn’t presently quite popular among the programmers, however, its demand is magnifying with time because of its excellent support for multithreading. The language is being extensively used by numerous companies relying heavily on distributed systems. Despite its wide use in startups in the Silicon Valley, Go is yet to be adopted by the companies in India’s IT sector.


Placed among the top 5 most loved languages by developers in 2020 (as per Stack Overflow’s survey), GoLang is considered as a highly paid Programming Language with its pay scale varying according to the work experience, level of understanding, etc.


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